23 July 2011

My new craft cabin

Hi there
Well, it has been a few months since I last was on here, but do have a very good reason and one I am sure will make you all very jealous.
I have just finished building, together with my BIL Tony, a new craft shed for the girls to come and visit and craft along with me, plus have time to myself to sit and craft in the beautiful surroundings of the natural bush around me with all the wildlife one can imagine, so hopefully creative juices will start flowing and masterpieces to be created LOL.
I have posted one photo to show you but will post more over the next day or two of the inside.
Hope this finds you all well and a little jealous.
My new craft cabin



  1. Very cute! I'm jealous!

    Happy blogoverary :)

  2. wow! i wish I had my own shed. In england i'd need it fitted with central heating or at least a fireplace!!

    1. Hi Sian - yes I'd imagine you would - didn't realise you knew I had this blog - been slack, haven't posted on here for a while - time has just got away from me.
      Its fun and the girls will be back on 13/2 for the start of our craft get togethers.